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Different Types of Football Injuries – Know The Signs

The news has been filled with alarming stories of youth, high school, and college football players who have suffered serious injuries and illnesses while on the playing field — some of these have had tragic results. Though some of these instances have baffled medical experts, others have much more clear-cut explanations that point to a lack of sufficient precautions and safeguards being used to protect the players. Though injuries can always happen, and are even to be expected in a fast-moving, hard-hitting game, there is a difference between damage that is the result of a poorly chosen foot placement and those caused by negligence or indifference to the health and well-being of the players. The personal injury attorneys at Jonathan Perkins Attorneys at Law have a comprehensive understanding of the different types of football injuries that signal negligence. If your child was hurt and you suspect that too little was done to keep them safe, call us today for a free case evaluation.

There are many different injuries that can occur in a football game, but all generally fall into one of four categories. These are:

  • Traumatic injuries such as tears to ligaments and knee cartilage or broken bones. Football players who play on poorly maintained or unsafe surfaces are at greater risk for knee injuries, ankle sprains, shoulder injuries and even fractured pelvises.
  • Head injuries are extremely common, particularly as players are encouraged to be aggressive on the field. Though many teams are moving towards the use of state-of-the-art helmets meant to reduce the impact of hard hits by adding extra padding and even sensors that indicate high degrees of impact, there are still a record number of concussions being seen.
  • Overuse injuries are frequently seen at the beginning of the season and are generally a matter of overtraining.
  • Heat injuries are common in the southern regions of the country throughout the football season and in the northern regions during preseason, when players are asked to practice in the late summer’s extreme heat conditions.

Of all the sports played by school-aged children, football accounts for the greatest number of injuries, with nearly one million players being treated by emergency rooms physicians and in other health care settings every year.  Though parents’ primary concern is to get their child’s medical needs met, when the immediate urgency of the situation has passed the question must be asked as to whether the team’s coaches and training staff did enough to protect the players. Though parents play a role, it is the team’s responsibility to ensure that players are properly trained and outfitted and that the conditions that they are playing under are safe. If you believe that your child’s injuries are a result of the team failing to fulfill their responsibility of care, then you may be entitled to seek compensation for the damages that they have suffered.

The personal injury attorneys at Jonathan Perkins Attorneys at Law take the safety of your child very seriously. Call us today to set up an appointment to discuss what happened and let us explain how we can help.

Internal Bleeding Injury Lawyer – How We Help You Get Justice for Your Injury

Internal bleeding is an invisible and deadly complication of many injuries and accidents. It may occur in the body’s tissues, organs, within the chest or abdominal cavity, or even in the eye.  Because internal bleeding takes place within the body, it is often extremely difficult to diagnose, and may only be detected because of other symptoms that follow extreme blood loss or a blood clot. When the body is subjected to extreme trauma such as that experienced in a car accident or from falling, victims may see that there is no external injury and believe that they are fine, not realizing that the force was great enough to cause bleeding inside. Internal bleeding can also be caused when the organs in the body shift as a result of sudden force, as well as by fractures of the bones within the body. Untreated internal bleeding can have serious consequences, and can even result in death. If you have been injured in an automobile accident, the internal bleeding injury lawyers at Jonathan Perkins Injury Lawyers are here to help you obtain compensation to help pay for your medical expenses and any other damage you may have suffered.

Internal bleeding injuries are among the greatest dangers posed by an automobile accident. Many victims do not realize that they are injured if there is no external sign, and they may attribute any pain that they are feeling to just feeling shaken up or bruised from the impact. This is particularly true because the symptoms of internal bleeding are often quite mild at the beginning. These symptoms can include:

  • Pain
  • Swelling
  • Abnormal bruising
  • Blood in bodily fluids
  • Confusion
  • Weakness

Even when bruising shows up under the skin, most people believe that it will eventually go away. But internal bleeding is much different from a bump or a bruise – when it occurs the patient can experience blood loss at an alarming rate. This is just one of the reasons that experienced personal injury attorneys as well as health care professionals advise those who have been in automobile accidents to seek medical attention even if they believe that they were not badly injured. The longer you wait to treat an internal bleeding injury, the more damage may be done to organs or to your overall well-being.

The most important thing to do if you have been in an automobile accident is to seek medical attention to make sure that your health is being properly attended to, but if the accident was caused by the negligence of another person, you should also seek legal help. Medical expenses for the treatment of internal bleeding injuries can add up very quickly. They can require that you miss time at work, and depending upon the severity of your condition can have a long-term impact on your abilities. Left untreated they can even lead to death. The internal bleeding injury lawyers at Jonathan Perkins Attorneys at Law have extensive experience in pursuing personal injury compensation on behalf of our clients who have been injured by the carelessness of others. Call us today and let us show you how we can help you too.

Connecticut Truck Accident Lawyers – Helping You Receive Compensation for Your Losses

The trucks that go barreling down Connecticut’s highways may be carrying the supplies and goods that we need and want, but that doesn’t change the fact that they also pose a great danger to those with whom they’re sharing the roads.  Drivers have good reason to be intimidated when they see a massive tractor trailer behind them in your rear view mirror: truck accidents cause much more damage than an accident between two automobiles, and the injuries that they can cause can be catastrophic and even tragic. If you have been in a Connecticut truck accident and are not sure where to turn, contact the truck accident lawyers at Jonathan Perkins Attorneys at Law. We have the experience and knowledge you need to make sure that you receive compensation for your losses.

There are a lot of reasons why truck accidents are so dangerous. When a tractor trailer truck is fully loaded it can weigh as much as twenty-five times what a passenger car does. Not only does its sheer size create a problem, but so does the impact that its weight has on its ability to stop, its risk for turning over or losing control, and the driver’s ability to see the other vehicles on the road. When you add that to the fact that the passenger vehicle offers little protection when compared to the weight and impact of the truck, as well as the difference in height of the vehicles which results in underriding, it is no wonder that when a truck is involved in a fatal accident with a passenger vehicle, ninety-seven percent of those who are killed are the occupants of the car.

Though truck drivers are required to go through highly specific and intensive training in order to obtain their commercial driver’s licenses, truck accidents still account for eleven percent of all motor vehicle crash deaths. Some of the most common causes of truck accidents include:

  • Truck drivers who are under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • Truck tire failure
  • Truck brake failure
  • Poor truck maintenance
  • Unrealistic schedules
  • Improper reflectors
  • Defective, hazardous or dangerous roadways
  • Truck driver fatigue
  • Unsecured or improperly balanced loads
  • Aggressive, unsafe lane changes
  • Speed and reckless driving
  • Driver error

No matter what the cause of your truck accident, the damages that you have suffered will need to be addressed, and the injuries that are sustained in these types of accidents are often traumatic. Though the trucking company may try to blame you for the accident, statistics show that the majority of trucking accidents are caused by some kind of error on the part of the driver and that these often constitute negligence. If your injuries are a result of a truck driver or the company that they work for acting negligently then you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries and the damages that you have suffered. Call the truck accident lawyers at Jonathan Perkins Attorneys at Law today for more information on how we can help.

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Types of Football Injuries – From an Experienced CT Injury Attorney

Football has been called America’s game, and it is the dream of moms and dads across the country to see their sons suit up and compete on the grid iron. Though playing the game seems like a wonderful way to teach teamwork and encourage athleticism, it has a dark side. Football has the dubious distinction of being the number one sport in the nation for player injuries, and the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission has reported that in 2007 alone, over 920,000 children under the age of 18 have received medical treatment in clinics, doctors’ offices and emergency rooms. Though accidents can happen, many of these injuries are a result of negligence in supervision or in the manufacturing and design of safety equipment. If your child suffered a football injury that you believe was preventable, the experienced CT injury attorneys at Jonathan Perkins Attorneys at Law can help. Contact us today and we’ll set up an appointment to review your case.

There are a number of different types of football injuries. The most common of these are trauma, overuse injuries, heat injuries and head injuries.


Trauma refers to any type of injury that is the result of full contact. In most cases football players suffer trauma to their knees and ankles as a result of the particular type of moves used on the field to avoid being tackled. Football players frequently tear their ACL or PCL or damage their meniscus; ankle sprains and fractures are also common, as are injuries to the shoulder.


Overuse injuries are often the result of putting wear and tear on the body too quickly without adequate training or strengthening. The most common overuse injuries seen in football players are patellar tendinitis or low back pain.


Heat is a particular concern for those who live in the southern climates, but even in the northern regions football players who practice during their preseason in the late summer have been known to be overcome by heat exhaustion. Some players have died as a result.


Head injuries, and particularly concussions, are extremely common among football players. Though helmet designs have been improved, the nature of the game means that players are constantly striking one another’s heads, and this can result in severe trauma that has recently been connected to cognitive and memory problems later in life.

When your child plays football, it is supposed to be a positive experience, but being injured by any of these types of football injuries can have a profound impact on their quality of life now and in the future. If your child has suffered an injury that you believe is the result of negligence, we can help you to get the financial compensation that you need and deserve. Contact the experienced CT injury attorneys at Jonathan Perkins Attorneys at Law to set up a free consultation.

Connecticut Personal Injury 101 – Common Injuries in CT

Many people have heard the term personal injury, but aren’t exactly sure what it means. A personal injury is a legal term that is used to describe an individual who has suffered an injury as a result of somebody else’s negligent or intentional action.  Not every accident or injury is cause for a personal injury lawsuit – what differentiates those that warrant a lawsuit is that the person who caused the injury had a duty to behave safely or reasonably, that they failed in that duty, that an injury occurred, and that the cause of the injury was the failure in fulfilling that duty.  If you have been injured and you believe that it was the result of another person or entity’s negligence, you should seek counsel from an experienced Connecticut personal injury attorney. The lawyers at Perkins Injury Lawyers are available to meet with you at your convenience, and will advise you of your rights and whether you can file a lawsuit.

Examples of personal injuries can be found in a number of different types of situations. Among the most common personal injuries are:

  • Injuries from car accidents – Car actions can result in injuries ranging from bumps and bruises to fatalities, and can be caused by a wide range of negligent actions, including speeding or reckless driving, driving while distracted by a smart phone or GPS, poor maintenance of the vehicle, and many other examples of irresponsibility.
  • Injuries on the job – Work-related injuries can occur in all types of employment and all types of worksites. Though construction sites are among the most common types of work-related injuries caused by negligence, many can be caused by repetitive movements, lifting objects that are too heavy, and falls.
  • Slip and fall accidents – Though slip and falls may sound like minor accidents, they actually result in over 20,000 deaths per year, and millions of serious and debilitating injuries. A fall can happen anywhere – inside or outside, and if they are caused by a dangerous condition that a property owner did not address or remedy, then a negligence claim may be appropriate.
  • Product liability injuries – Products can cause injuries as a result of being defective in their manufacturing or their design, or in not providing appropriate warning about their proper use.
  • Medical malpractice – Injuries that are a result of a doctor, health care provider or facility not providing the care that is considered the accepted standard of practice. This can include misdiagnosis, failure to treat, or inappropriate or negligent treatment.

If an injury that you’ve suffered was the result of somebody else’s negligence then you can file a personal injury lawsuit seeking compensation for the damages that you’ve suffered. These damages can include your medical expenses, loss of wages, pain and suffering, and more. The Connecticut personal injury lawyers at Perkins Injury Lawyers can help. Contact us today to set up an appointment.

Slip and Fall Accident Statistics from a CT Injury Lawyer

Slips and falls represent some of the most commonly occurring accidents, and though they may sound like no big deal, they actually can be extremely serious. Though some tumbles simply make the person they happen to look and feel foolish, a surprising number result in serious injury, and even death.  In fact, slip and fall accidents are second only to car accidents in the frequency with which they occur, and they account for more than one in six accidental deaths in the United States.  If you or someone you are close to has been injured in a slip and fall accident, the Connecticut injury lawyers at Perkins Injury Lawyers can help.

The statistics on slip and fall accidents resulting in injury and death are startling.  Many of these accidents take place on the job. In fact, sixty percent of slip and fall accidents take place within the scope of employment in the retail, wholesale or service trades, and despite all of the dangers present in different work environments, one in four work accidents involve slip and fall injuries. They account for the more lost time at work than any other injury, with nearly one in four resulting in over a month of missed work. The most serious incidents involve falling to a lower level of a job site, and result in about one third of contractor deaths.

Though the workplace is the most common scene of a slip and fall, many occur in the home, with half of all accidental deaths within the home coming from falls.  Remarkably, though workplace deaths coming from falls involve falling to a lower level, most fatal falls in the home are not from elevation.  Though falls may be a result of negligence, they also tend to be related to age, with incidence of falls increasing with each decade of life.

Twenty to thirty percent of people who fall end up with an injury such as a laceration, hip fracture or head trauma, with falls being the leading cause of traumatic brain injuries. With over eight million visits to the emergency room resulting from slip and fall accidents, it is no wonder they are such a concern.

There can be many contributing factors and causes involved in slip and fall accidents, and many of them are nobody’s fault. But when they are the result of negligence or carelessness by another party, the injured person is owed compensation for the damages that they have suffered. At Perkins Injury Lawyers, we are dedicated to seeking justice for those who have been injured as a result of others’ lack of responsibility, and we have a successful record of pursuing those who have caused our clients’ pain and suffering. If you have been injured in a slip and fall accident that was caused by somebody else, we can help you to recover your medical expenses, lost wages and other damages. Call us today for a free consultation to learn more about what we can do for you.

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Connecticut Personal Injury Lawyers – What Goes Into A Personal Injury Case?

If you have been injured as a result of somebody else’s negligence or carelessness, you may be considering filing a personal injury lawsuit.  Personal injury is a legal term that specifically refers to injury to body, mind or emotions rather than damage to property, and these lawsuits generally seek monetary compensation for actual expenses such as medical bills or lost wages as well as for emotional distress, pain and suffering.  In some cases additional punitive damages are assessed to act as a deterrent to future negligence by both the plaintiff and others in similar positions. The process of filing a personal injury case is fairly straightforward, and generally involves some or all of the following steps:

  • Meet with a personal injury attorney
  • File initial court papers
  • Fact finding and discovery
  • Resolution before trial
  • Settlement or Trial
  • Collection of money after positive judgment
  • Appeal of decision

When you meet with a personal injury attorney, they will ask about what happened to you and what the results have been. It is a good idea to bring along any documents that pertain to your case, including medical reports and accident reports. These meetings help the attorney to see whether your rights have been violated; it also helps you to determine whether the attorney’s style matches with your own.

Once you decide to move forward with a case and have chosen an attorney, they will file initial court papers that outline your case and let the defendant know that they are being sued.  The plaintiff will then respond to your claim with an answer. The court proceedings begin from this point.

The next step, fact finding and discovery, involves investigating all aspects of the case and then disclosing the information that will be presented to the other side prior to trial. In many cases, the information that your attorney gathers will be enough to encourage the plaintiffs to settle the case rather than go through a lengthy and costly court process. In some cases there may be motions to dismiss for lack of evidence or other causes.

In most cases personal injury lawsuits never go to trial. Instead they are resolved after discover through a process called a settlement. A settlement is a negotiation between both parties in which the plaintiff agrees to give up the right to pursue litigation in exchange for a payment that is agreed to by both sides.

If your case does not settle, and instead goes to trial, both sides will present their arguments for a judge or jury to decide.

Following either a settlement or a judgment in favor of the plaintiff, the defendant is required to provide the agreed upon sum. In some cases, if either party feels that a mistake was made within the trial process, they can appeal the decision.

The personal injury attorneys at Jonathan Perkins Attorneys At Law are happy to sit down and discuss your case with you at any time that is convenient. We will listen to the specifics of your situation, explain what your options are, and make suggestions for the best resolution for you. Call us today to set up a free consultation.

New Haven Personal Injury Lawyer – Do You Have A Personal Injury Claim?

Personal injury lawsuits are designed to help individuals who have been harmed because of another’s actions or failure to act. They are legal cases in which a person sues an individual or entity claiming that they are legally responsible for harm that has been done to them. Examples of situations that may warrant filing a personal injury lawsuit include automobile accidents, medical malpractice, and product liability cases. Not every accident or injury automatically results in a personal injury, and not every successful personal injury case is a matter of negligence. If you have suffered an injury and want to know whether you should file a personal injury claim, contact the New Haven personal injury lawyers at Jonathan Perkins Attorneys At Law. We have extensive experience in helping those who have been injured at the hands of others, and can provide you with the legal counsel and representation that you need to ensure that your rights are protected and you get the compensation that you deserve.

The basic premise behind personal injury law is that people are supposed to exercise reasonable care, and that when they fail to do so they are liable for the damages that are caused. The basis for personal injury claims is most often negligence, but can also be a matter of strict liability in the case of manufacturers who design or produce products that are unreasonably dangerous. A personal injury case can also be brought against a person who committed an intentional wrong, such as assault and battery, or defamation of character. Every situation is different, and that is why it is important to consult with an attorney who specializes in personal injury law. They will be able to advise you as to what your rights are and what your next steps should be.

Though every personal injury case is different, there are two basic premises that must be established in order to prevail. One is that harm has happened, and the other is that the defendant had a definable duty.  The harm that has been caused in a personal injury lawsuit generally has to be clearly defined, such as the cost of medical treatment or lost wages. Though emotional distress is very real, it is much more difficult to prove, particularly if it is the only harm that has been suffered. The more clear the existence of harm is, the more likely it is that a case will be successful.

The other aspect of a personal injury case that needs to be proven is that the defendant had a definable duty that they breached. This does not mean that there needed to be a relationship with you: for example a driver has a definable duty to exercise care while operating a vehicle.  However, if that driver caused an accident through no fault of their own, because of hazardous road conditions despite the caution that he was exercising, then he may not have breached his duty.

Without extensive knowledge of personal injury law, it is difficult to predict whether your situation warrants filing a lawsuit. The attorneys at Jonathan Perkins Attorney At Law can help. Call us today to set up a free consultation to discuss your situation.

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Lasik Errors: What To Do If You’ve Been Injured

Lasik eye surgery has become extremely popular over the last few years, offering improved vision for people who are nearsighted, far sighted and who have astigmatism. LASIK stands for laser in-situ keratomileusis, and it describes the use of an instrument called a microkeratome or femtosecond laser. The laser creates a thin flap in the cornea, which can then be peeled back to allow another laser to reshape the tissue underneath. The corneal flap is then put back into place, and when all goes right, the patient is left with corrected vision. The surgery has the advantage of being largely successful and relatively painless. The effect is nearly immediate and the patient does not require any bandages or stitches.

Unfortunately, though the majority of Lasik surgeries result in extremely satisfied patients, there are many who are dissatisfied with the procedure and who suffer injuries as a result. The risks include loss of some vision and the development of double vision, or visual symptoms including glare and halos. Some patients find that the reshaping of their corneal tissue results in under-treatment or overtreatment, which ends with them requiring glasses or contacts to correct what has been done, while others develop a condition known as severe dry eye syndrome in which the eyes can’t produce enough tears to remain moist.  This can be painful and can have a negative impact on sight as well.

There are a number of reasons why these permanent problems can occur, including a lack of adequate screening before the surgery — some patients are simply not good candidates for the procedure, but surgeons anxious to bill more clients forge ahead. Poor surgical technique, improper use of equipment and insufficient follow-up after the surgery can also be problems, and unfortunately, once the cornea is damaged there is little that can be done to repair it.

If you have undergone LASIK surgery and have been injured by the procedure, there are a number of steps that you can take. These include filing a medical malpractice lawsuit against the surgeon or ophthalmologist who performed the surgery and filing a product liability lawsuit against the manufacturer of the equipment that was used during the procedure.

  • A medical malpractice suit aims at establishing that a medical professional has failed to perform up to the standards that are expected, and that as a result the patient has been injured
  • A product liability lawsuit aims at establishing that the equipment that was used was either defective or dangerous, and that as a result the patient has been injured

The success of a medical malpractice lawsuit or product liability lawsuit often relies on the experience and knowledge of the attorney that you choose to represent you. If you have suffered an injury as a result of LASIK surgery, the attorneys at Jonathan Perkins Injury Lawyers can help. We are compassionate aggressive lawyers who have a successful record of winning the maximum compensation on behalf of our clients. Contact us today.

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Elder Abuse: A 101 Guide to Spotting Elder Abuse

If you have an elderly loved one who is living in an assisted living community, a nursing home, or some other environment that is outside of your constant access, you probably worry about them a great deal. Not only are elderly at risk for all of the conditions and issues that can come with old age and failing health, but there are also issues of elder abuse and neglect that are cause for concern.  Whether you are worried about a neighbor, a parent or relative, or a long-time friend who is at risk, it is important that you familiarize yourself with the warning signs of elder abuse so that you can take action quickly if you see it.

The most common indications that an older person may be being victimized by an abuser include:

  • Signs of physical abuse, including unexplained bruises on their body, broken bones for which there are no good explanations, burn or abrasion marks on the skin, and pressure marks on the wrists, ankles or waist that may indicate that they have been restrained
  • Signs of emotional abuse, including changes in mood, such as depression or withdrawal and diminished interest in engagement with normal social activities and hobbies
  • Signs of sexual abuse, including bruising around the genitals or breasts, bloody underwear, pajamas or bed sheets, and evidence of sexually transmitted diseases
  • Signs of financial abuse and exploitation usually show up in credit card bills with unexplained charges for items that they are not likely to use, withdrawals from financial accounts, missing personal items and cash, and a general change in their financial situation
  • Signs of neglect include bedsores, malnutrition, dehydration, unusual weight loss, and unattended hygiene and medical needs
  • Lack of cooperation or evidence of tension from the staff, including refusing to let you see your loved one without them being present in the room at the same time

It is important to keep in mind that not every negative occurrence that takes place in the life of an elderly person is an indication of abuse. The elderly person may be prone to bruising as a result of medication that they are taking, may lose their balance easily and that can result in a fall. However, if the person that you are concerned about expresses fear or tells you that they are being abused, it is important to take them seriously. It is generally a good idea to schedule visits to a nursing home or care facility at a variety of times without announcing when you can be expected.

If you do suspect elder abuse or neglect, your first step needs to be ensuring the safety of your loved one. Call the appropriate authorities, as it is better to be safe than sorry and a truly caring facility will appreciate that you are acting out of concern. If you find that your loved one has been victimized and you need legal representation in order to help pay for any medical expenses, relocation needs or damages that they have suffered, the caring attorneys at Jonathan Perkins Injury Lawyers can help. Contact us today to set up an immediate appointment.

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