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Can You Be Sued for More Than Your Insurance Company Covers?

personal injury lawPersonal injury falls into many categories from medical mishaps to slip and fall accidents, to car accidents and beyond. These injuries can range from mild to extreme and happen every day. However, when you are the one at fault rather than injured, complications can arise. Even when the person at fault holds an insurance policy to cover potential damages, the financial burden could extend beyond the policy coverage.

Many believe if they have insurance, they won’t be liable for damages. This can change depending upon the damages and what coverage has been paid for by the insured. In fact, insurance may not cover what someone is personally sued for. When the injured person feels they are entitled to further compensation than the policy limit allows. In most cases, this happens when there is not a high enough liability limit for the expenses of the injury.

Preventing Lawsuits

Preparation before an accident occurs is the best practice. When you sign up for an insurance policy, it is important that you understand what your coverage is and understand what the limit will be if there is an accident. Many look at only the monthly costs of holding insurance but don’t weigh out the more practical parts of insurance. While you can save a lot each month that an accident does not happen, it could cost you big later down the line.

Whether it is your premises, auto or home insurance and liability policy, it’s important to discuss what you are paying for with an adjuster. Asking them what will be covered and the best option for what you can afford is good practice. Saving $50 a month might not seem like as good of a deal when you realize if you cause an accident, it could cost several thousand dollars all at once rather than $600 a year.

Good Faith Practice

It is possible for an insurer to act in bad faith. It is absolutely possible to be sued beyond your policy limits. However, your provider has an obligation to act in your best interest and on your behalf. This means they are required to attempt to settle claims with the policy limits each insured party holds. When they decide to act outside of this obligation, they are acting in bad faith. When this occurs, they could be liable to pay the entire amount without the policy limit in mind.

If your insurer is acting in bad faith or you are facing legal action beyond your policy limits and need help, contact us today. Our team has extensive experience working with insurance companies and personal injury accidents, and we will put that experience to work for you.


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