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Bridgeport Nursing Home Abuse Lawyers

The experienced Bridgeport nursing home abuse lawyers of Jonathan Perkins Injury Lawyers represent those whose lives have been impacted by abuse in Bridgeport and across the state of Connecticut.

For our attorneys, there’s no greater accomplishment that protecting the elderly people who helped build and defend the very city we practice in. Families, loved ones, spouses and even friends are urged to report nursing home abuse to authorities, then retain our firm to litigate against all guilty parties. From there, the Power of Perkins will take over.

If someone you love has suffered abuse or neglect in an eldercare facility, don’t hesitate to reach out to us for help immediately. Schedule a FREE, 100% confidential consultation with an experienced member of our team by calling (203) 380-1556 or filling out a contact form and let us help you understand all of the legal options available to you.

Why Do I Need a Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer?

Under Connecticut law, nursing home abuse may have both a criminal and civil component litigable in separate causes of action. The prosecution will handle the criminal side of the incident, while civil attorneys handle the tort side. This is important to know since families of abused elderly folks may concentrate on the criminal side, not knowing nursing home abuse is civilly actionable as well.

Losses that your loved one incurred, including costs associated with being removed from one facility and checked into another, can be recovered. Any damaged property, excess medical bills, loss of money, pain and suffering and other economic losses may be recoverable if your nursing home abuse attorney is made aware of these losses.

Facilities can be held accountable for knowing abuse was pervasive but failing to protect their resident. Individuals can be held both criminally and civilly liable for causing the abuse. These are facts that your attorney will know immediately, although gathering evidence and preserving evidence on location will always be required to substantiate your claim.

Go after the nursing home without counsel, and you risk more than you stand to gain. That’s because these facilities have their own legal teams on standby, ready to discredit your claim.

Why Choose Us?

Jonathan Perkins Injury Lawyers can be the voice of those too afraid to speak. They’ll fight for those with no fight left inside them. Abused, scared and often in no physical condition to mount their own defense, elderly folks often accept the fact the mistreatment they receive is the “new norm”.

Tired of the mistreatment, families turn to the Power of Perkins because we’ll fight nursing home abuse right at its source. Our fierce litigation of all types of elderly abuse puts those abused in position to not only stand up to this unspeakable form of bullying but will allow them to be transferred to a much safer facility vetted by the state and free of “rogue” workers.

We’ll visit the home of family members without transportation. And, of course, we’ll visit the facility itself to discuss whatever the abused person feels like revealing. Most facts abused persons don’t feel like discussing is either blatantly obvious by their condition or can be uncovered by our firm.

Cases We Handle

Nursing home abuse cases we’ll handle stem from the signs of abuse families report, which include:

  • A facility’s blatant disregard for their resident’s personal hygiene;
  • Obvious signs of bedsores;
  • A sudden change of beneficiary in wills and similar instruments;
  • Signs of malnutrition, including begging for food or something to drink;
  • Unexplained dissidence or reclusiveness in normally upbeat elderly loved ones;
  • Unexplained injuries, including broken bones or excessive bruising;
  • The absence of personal possessions or money from a room or locked-up home; and
  • Fecal matter or excessive urine in bed or clothing;

This list is not exclusive as many other forms of abuse can be litigated in court. As our firm demands an exceptional level of care for elderly persons, we’ll litigate until they receive such.

Frequently Asked Questions about Nursing Home Abuse

Some common questions families may have prior to bringing us their nursing home abuse claims are listed below. The answers provided do not form an attorney-client relationship.

I believe my elderly parent is being abused. What should I do?

You can file an abuse claim directly with the Connecticut Department of Health here. Alternatively, if the situation is so dire that you can’t wait for an investigation, and you have enough proof of this abuse, go immediately to the Bridgeport Police Department.

What compensation could my elderly loved one receive?

If your case qualifies to receive compensation, your loved one may receive repayment of monetary damages caused, medical bills accrued resulting from their abuse, pain and suffering, costs associated with transferring facilities, and more. Consult with our attorneys to learn more about your case’s potential.

What benefits do clients of Jonathan Perkins Injury Lawyers receive?

Not only will our team work on your elderly abuse claim until it’s resolved, but we’ll also look over your case free of charge. With the flexibility to schedule appointments that work for you, personalized service through our unique case management system and in-home visits for immobile clients, you’ll love the Power of Perkins from the first day you retain us.

Fight Nursing Home Abuse with Perkins

Your elderly loved one deserves to live out their years in peace. They deserve to exist in an environment free of hazardous people, poor food, unsuitable health care, no activities, and bad housekeeping services. All too often, however, nursing home abuse combines components of all the above.

Don’t let your loved one suffer any longer. Jonathan Perkins Injury Lawyers will look over your case free of charge, and will begin working toward a swift resolution to your nursing home abuse claim. Call (203) 380-1556 or fill out an online contact form to get started today.

Do I have a Case?

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