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Have you been the victim of a medical mistake?

Bridgeport Medical Malpractice Attorneys

Doctors promise to conduct themselves with care in all matters of public concern, including the health and welfare of patients they intend to treat. Known as the Hippocratic Oath, this promise is the only insurance policy new patients have that they’ll be treated with respect and with their best interest in mind.

Unfortunately, sometimes physicians, surgeons, and other healthcare professionals break this oath. In fact, some outright abuse the privilege to have control over what medications, surgical procedures, and implants their patients receive.

Respected Bridgeport medical malpractice lawyers from Jonathan Perkins Injury Lawyers know what it takes to hold these rogue practitioners accountable. For many years, we’ve helped patients who were injured, maimed, or killed by those who promised to get them better, and we want to hear about your case, too.

For immediate help with your potential medical malpractice claim, call our office around the clock at (203) 380-1556, or email us here.

Why Do I Need a Medical Malpractice Lawyer?

Governed by Connecticut’s General Statutes 52-584, medical malpractice encompasses many areas of tort law simultaneously. What some injured patients believe is malpractice may be an honest mistake; conversely, what may seem like a simple error could end up being a malpractice suit of epic proportions. Because of the totality of many claims brought against surgeons and physicians, it’s crucial to retain an attorney.

Attorneys skilled in malpractice law must comb through hours of medical records, patient notes, and even video evidence just to have enough information to substantiate claims, let alone move forward with them. Often this is too complex for many injured patients to go through alone.

Between case preparation, detecting when malpractice may be present, getting files together, and corroborating information with other sources, patients who want these claims settled properly shouldn’t fight alone.

Why Choose Us?

From our vast network of industry experts to our ability to put healthcare professionals on the stand to testify to how medical professionals should act at normal capacity, we at Jonathan Perkins Injury Lawyers know the stakes are high, and elevate our level of legal professionalism even higher. Bringing over 140 years of legal experience to your claim, we’re able to apply Connecticut malpractice law to your case to assure it meets specific criteria.

Having our attorneys work on contingency means we will front all costs associated with your medical malpractice suit. These costs can skyrocket quickly, but you won’t pay anything until we settle your claim. In the unlikely event that we are unable to win you compensation, you won’t owe us anything.

We’ll look at your claim and give an honest assessment of its ability to settle. If we don’t think your claim has merit, we’ll be honest, although rarely have we turned obvious cases of medical malpractice away.

Cases We Handle

Our firm is experienced, devoted, and prepared to take cases to trial involving:

  • Emergency room errors;
  • Administration of too much or too little sedation;
  • Medical instruments being left inside patients;
  • Hospital negligence;
  • Birthing injuries;
  • Surgical malpractice;
  • Misdiagnoses;
  • Operating on the wrong side of the patient;
  • Operating on the wrong patient;
  • Medical malpractice leading to wrongful death;
  • Defective drugs;
  • The use of recalled hip, knee, or other synthetic replacement parts; and
  • Many others.

Talk with our firm about you or your loved one’s medical injury.

Medical Malpractice FAQs

Patients who’ve been injured by medical professionals they trusted may have questions. Here are Q&A’s from Jonathan Perkins Injury Lawyers to help you get started. Please note that while we’re happy to provide this information, it does not establish or guarantee an attorney-client relationship.

Is there a maximum amount I can collect under Connecticut law?

Connecticut is one state where there are no caps on medical malpractice damages. Under a judicial remittitur clause, however, seven-figure awards or higher may be reviewed by the court to assure monetary awards aren’t deemed “excessive.”

Will all cases require expert testimony?

Under Connecticut law, all cases of medical malpractice require expert testimony from both your side and the medical professional’s side. Negligence that is deemed “obvious” may not require expert witnesses to testify.

I don’t like how the surgeon stitched me up. Do I have a case?

Medical malpractice cases must prove surgeons, hospitals, doctors, or any combination of medical staff acted recklessly in caring for your health, and that excessive pain, suffering, further damage, and even death were the end result. Not liking how your surgeon closed their entry point does not establish negligence; however, failing to close their surgical entry point could be substantial grounds for malpractice if further injury was caused.

If medical malpractice killed my spouse, does that change the statute of limitations?

Wrongful death that results from medical malpractice must be brought on behalf of the decedent’s estate (or decedent if no estate was formed) within two (2) years.

How long do medical malpractice cases take to settle or win at trial?

Cases this serious must not be rushed, and rightfully so; compensation for medical errors has reached tens of millions of dollars if malpractice led to death or paralysis. Therefore, we need time to gather evidence, comb through journals and patient notes, time to check over eyewitness testimony, and then prepare our case for trial. We keep our clients informed of their cases’ progress, but unfortunately cannot put an exact time period on its completion.

Bridgeport Medical Malpractice Victims: We’ll Help You

Patients who trusted their health and wellbeing to medical professionals should feel comfortable with decisions these educated, skilled, and experienced professionals make. However, there are times when surgeons, doctors, nurse practitioners, and hospitals act recklessly without just cause or provocation. That’s when patients need and deserve the Power of Perkins.

Combining 140 years of experience across our firm, we’re able to carefully review all cases to determine whether medical negligence was a factor. As these allegations can have sweeping effects on many professionals at once, we’ll dig deep into your incident to see where negligence started, how it ended, or if it ended at all.

As experienced Bridgeport personal injury lawyers, our primary goal is to help victims of malpractice find justice. Call (203) 380-1556 so our team of Bridgeport attorneys can review your claim of medical malpractice. We charge no upfront fees to review your case.

Do I have a Case?

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