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A Bridgeport Bedsore Attorney Can Help if You Were Injured In A Nursing Home in CT

When someone you love is in need of more care and attention then you are able to provide at home, a nursing home is often the best choice that is available to you. Unfortunately, many nursing home residents end up injured as a result of negligence or abuse on the part of the staff, and bedsores are among the injuries that are most commonly seen. If you or someone you love suffered a bedsore or any other type of injury in a nursing home in Connecticut, then call the Bridgeport bedsore attorneys at Perkins Injury Lawyers today. We will set up a consultation immediately so we can discuss your situation and tell you how we can help.

Though bedsores are common in residents of hospitals and nursing homes, that is no excuse for them happening. Bedsores appear most frequently on people who are paralyzed or suffering from dementia, poor nutrition or poor circulation. They are painful lesions that appear on the skin over bony areas of the body such as the tailbone, the back of the head, the hips or the ankles. The body’s weight decreases blood flow to those areas when the body doesn’t move, and the tissue dies as a result. For this reason, federal regulations have been established that require nursing homes to identify those who are at risk and implement a care plan specifically for their prevention. The plan generally involves regularly turning and repositioning the patients to relieve the pressure, or to use special mattresses and pads that take pressure off of the vulnerable spots.

Bedsores can go from bad to worse very quickly if the nursing home patient is not vigilant in looking for them or treating them. Where a stage one bedsore simply looks like a red area on the skin, stage four is so deep and painful that it goes through the tissue all the way to the bone, and can lead to infection and death.  Nursing homes and their staff have a duty of care, as well as a legal obligation, to be attentive and provide the necessary care that the patients they are responsible for require. If you or someone you love has suffered bedsores while under a nursing home’s care then they need to be held responsible for the damage that they have caused. This is important not only for you, but also to prevent further injury to other residents.

At the very least, bedsores require costly medical attention for which the nursing home needs to pay. In the most serious cases they can lead to pain, suffering and even to death. The Bridgeport bedsore attorneys at Perkins Injury Lawyers are experienced in holding nursing homes responsible for the damage that they’ve caused. Don’t let your loved one go another day without justice. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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