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  • Can I Seek Damages When a Product Doesn’t Have Proper Warnings or Instructions?

    - May 31, 2017

    If you have been injured because of a product you used, you may be entitled to compensation. There are three categories that claims fall into where compensation may be available to the victim of the product: defectively manufactured, defectively designed, and failure to warn about proper use or the potential…

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  • Recovering Lost Wages After an Injury

    - May 29, 2017

    Whether you have been in a car accident or had a slip and fall accident, receiving medical treatment can take you out of work for some time. Even less severe accidents can subject a person to lost  wages and absence from work, both of which can have a huge impact…

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  • Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Nursing Home

    - May 26, 2017

    It’s difficult to trust a stranger with the full care of your loved one, but sometimes a professional is the only one who can best take care of someone who can no longer safely live on their own. It is good practice to check the facilities out before deciding on…

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  • Wrongful Death Claims in Connecticut: Important Questions Answered

    - May 23, 2017

    There are few times in life more emotionally-charged than losing a loved one due to the negligence or wrongful act of another person. Despite the emotions, it’s important to have the right information and important questions answered before pursuing legal action. While many will want to immediately hold the person…

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  • How Long Do I Have to File a Claim After a Slip and Fall Accident in Connecticut?

    - May 22, 2017

    After a slip and fall accident, the focus is often not on getting compensation but inattention immediately after an accident can cost you. In Connecticut, it is important to understand the limitations in filing a lawsuit after your accident. Gathering the right evidence at the start, such as having someone…

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  • How Adjusters Calculate Pain and Suffering After an Injury

    - May 19, 2017

    While it may seem difficult to put a numeric value on the pain and suffering one goes through after an injury, compensation for damages has to be calculated. This type of damages is classified as compensatory damages. The compensation is calculated based on a variety of factors, including the severity…

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  • Common Medical Errors Made by Doctors and Hospitals

    - May 09, 2017

    Sometimes unhappiness with a course of treatment for your ailments can be due to more than just a difference in style and bedside manner. When a medical error leads to the worsening of your condition, or an entirely new malady, you may be entitled to compensation. Knowing the common medical…

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  • Can You Sue Your Landlord for Lead Poisoning?

    - May 05, 2017

    Lead is not as uncommon in today’s rentals as you might think. In fact, lead was in paint up until the middle of last century, along with other industrial and construction materials. If you are renting an older property, you may be at risk for lead poisoning. If you have…

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  • Advantages and Disadvantages of a Class-Action Lawsuit

    - May 01, 2017

    A class-action lawsuit can have great benefits for those who aren’t even aware they have been affected by the poor intentions of a big company. However, there are also times when someone is better off opting out of a class-action lawsuit. When it comes to protecting your own rights, there…

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  • Types of Escalator Failures that can Lead to Personal Injury

    - April 28, 2017

      Escalators may be taken for granted today, but in 1859 when they were first introduced as “revolving stairs,” they were considered an absolute marvel. In the century and a half that has followed they have become a common part of everyday life.  In the United States alone there are…

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