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  • Am I Legally Obligated to Report a Minor Auto Accident?

    - July 05, 2017

    With the rising costs of insurance, many times, a motorist would prefer not to report an accident. This is especially true for “fender benders” where there are no injuries and the damage is minor. However, those small damages can become big complications. Without a report filed, you could find yourself…

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  • Fairfield Veteran’s Case May Upgrade Thousands of Army Discharges

    - June 28, 2017

    In April 2017, a Connecticut veterans’ leader filed a federal class action lawsuit following a less than honorable discharge based on behaviors that were later attributed to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder on behalf of himself and other veterans nationwide. The lead plaintiff is a decorated Army veteran and founded the…

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  • What is Personal Injury Mediation in Connecticut?

    - June 26, 2017

    Statistics show that 97% of all personal injury cases in Connecticut never make it to trial. However, these aren’t all dismissed cases. Instead, a resolution was found before the case needed to go before a jury. In those cases, personal injury mediation was used in place of litigation, typically ending…

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  • Why Summer is the Season of Traffic Accidents

    - June 23, 2017

    Whether you are a motorist or a pedestrian, there is always some risk of being involved in a traffic accident. However, there are times where that risk is higher. Summertime tends to have the highest number of accidents compared to other seasons, but why is that? Regardless of your own…

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  • Back Sprains Most Distinctive Injury in the State of Connecticut

    - June 21, 2017

    Personal injury accounts for a large number of medical care visits each year, but which personal injury has people landing in a hospital or doctor’s office most often? This year, a healthcare analytic company called Amino looked into 244 million insurance claims between 2012 and 2016 to find out national…

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  • Can a Wrongful Death Suit Be Filed at Any Time in Connecticut?

    - June 19, 2017

    The short answer is “no.” On one hand, there is more to consider in a wrongful death suit than just a statute of limitations. On the other, there is a deadline that cannot be exceeded. In Connecticut, the executor or administrator of an estate has up to two years from…

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  • Can You Be Fired for Calling Your Boss a Profane Name on Social Media?

    - June 16, 2017

    While we have the right to freedom of speech, most people recognize it has its limits. However, those limits might be further out there than many realize. Whether a worker can insult their boss and their boss’s family on social media has come into the limelight recently and has given…

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  • Pay Equity Bill Passes House in Connecticut, April 2017

    - June 14, 2017

    In April of this year, the Connecticut House of Representatives voted in favor of legislation that is slated to improve pay equity between men and women. However, the bill is missing a key component that bars potential employers from asking about salary history, which many say is still a huge…

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  • What Makes a Strong Products Liability Case in Connecticut?

    - June 12, 2017

    While manufacturers take precaution to mitigate the risks associated with their products, there are still times when individuals are harmed due to substantial flaws that went undetected during product testing. When a consumer is harmed due to a product, they have a lot to prove to be successful, but it…

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  • Sobering Slip and Fall Accident Statistics

    - June 09, 2017

    Falls accounted for nearly 32,000 deaths in 2014, according to the National Safety Council. In fact, falls are the third leading cause of unintentional death in the U.S. with the risk of falling increasing with age. In at-home settings and communities, more than 31,000 falls led to death with nearly…

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