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  • Which is Statistically Safer? Elevators or Escalators?

    - March 22, 2017

     Elevators and escalators are a part of modern-day life. They are used out of both convenience and necessity, speeding our trips from one floor to another in airports and hospitals, helping the disabled to have the same access as abled people, and allowing heavy or bulky items to be lifted…

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  • What Are Some Potential Side Effects of Epidural Steroid Injections?

    - March 20, 2017

     We all know people who complain of back pain, but unless you have experienced it yourself, it is almost impossible to understand exactly how devastating and debilitating it can be. Epidural steroid injections have proven to be an extremely effective treatment option for those who are suffering from both sciatica…

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  • How to Identify Lead-Based Paint

    - March 17, 2017

     It has been almost forty years since federal regulations were put in place restricting the use of lead in household paint, yet it continues to cause serious health problems today. Paint that contains lead is one of the leading causes of lead poisoning, and that is in large part due…

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  • Are Urgent Care Centers Safer than Emergency Rooms?

    - March 15, 2017

     Urgent care centers have been popping up in communities all around the country. These standalone facilities are not connected to hospitals and do not provide all of the same services that emergency rooms do. They are there to provide an option to those who are experiencing simple problems such as…

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  • Active Ingredient in Actos Still Being Linked to Bladder Cancer

    - March 13, 2017

     Actos is a medication that is prescribed to regulate blood sugar levels in those who have been diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. Though the drug has been on the market for almost twenty years, its use is extremely controversial because its long term use has been linked to a number…

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  • Here’s Why You Should Never Pass a Snow Plow on the Highway

    - March 10, 2017

     We’ve all had the experience of being stuck behind a snow plow on a snowy highway. Though it is tempting to go around this slow-moving piece of machinery – especially as it sprays rock salt onto your windshield – doing so is a dangerous and ill-advised. There are a number…

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  • How to Immediately Protect a Loved One When You Suspect Nursing Home Abuse

    - March 08, 2017

     As America’s population ages, more and more people are faced with difficult decisions about their elderly loved ones. We all want our older family members to live full and independent lives, but sometimes medical issues arise or cognitive abilities decline and they are no longer able to live alone. As…

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  • Why You Should Always Speak to an Attorney Before Dealing with Insurance Companies

    - March 06, 2017

     We’ve all been taught the same thing about what to do when you’ve been in an accident. Exchange insurance company information in order to make sure that you are able to get the compensation that you deserve. But there’s a big difference between collecting the pertinent information and actually talking…

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  • Disputing a Denied Social Security Disability Claim

    - February 27, 2017

     Social Security Disability Insurance is offered as part of a federal program that provides benefits to people who have been identified as being disabled and unable to support themselves or their families. It is administered by the Social Security Administration and is offered to any adult who has paid into…

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  • I Believe My Doctor is Ordering Unnecessary Tests. How Do I Dispute This?

    - February 24, 2017

     Everybody has a different perspective on receiving medical care, and everybody has different preferences. There are those who prefer that their physician completely take over. They don’t want to be told much of anything, don’t want a lot of explanations, and simply want to rely on their physician’s expertise and…

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