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  • A Bridgeport Bedsore Attorney Can Help if You Were Injured In A Nursing Home in CT

    - August 11, 2015

    When someone you love is in need of more care and attention then you are able to provide at home, a nursing home is often the best choice that is available to you. Unfortunately, many nursing home residents end up injured as a result of negligence or abuse on the…

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  • Connecticut Personal Injury 101 – Common Injuries in CT

    - August 04, 2015

    Many people have heard the term personal injury, but aren’t exactly sure what it means. A personal injury is a legal term that is used to describe an individual who has suffered an injury as a result of somebody else’s negligent or intentional action.  Not every accident or injury is…

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  • How Can A Bridgeport Nursing Home Attorney Help if My Loved One Has Been Injured?

    - July 28, 2015

    Placing your loved one in a nursing home is a decision that is not made lightly. You know that it is in their best interest to have round-the-clock supervision and care available, and you know that you aren’t able to provide the level of attention and clinical expertise that they…

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  • Slip and Fall Accident Statistics from a CT Injury Lawyer

    - July 21, 2015

    Slips and falls represent some of the most commonly occurring accidents, and though they may sound like no big deal, they actually can be extremely serious. Though some tumbles simply make the person they happen to look and feel foolish, a surprising number result in serious injury, and even death. …

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  • Dirt Bike Fatalities – What Can You Do If You Suffered a Loss?

    - July 07, 2015

    For many people, owning and riding a dirt bike is a rite of passage, and a hobby that family members share.  Riders use these lightweight motorcycles to travel trails and dirt roads together, and many have expanded their use into motocross competitions.  Although enthusiasts claim that the sport is safe,…

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  • Common Seat Belt Injuries to Chest Muscles – Should You Call A Lawyer If You Have Been Injured?

    - June 23, 2015

    Though there is no doubt that the use of seat belts has saved countless lives, there are also those that have been injured as a result of their use. It is common for people who have been in accidents to suffer seat belt injuries to chest muscles and other parts…

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  • Connecticut Personal Injury Lawyers – What Goes Into A Personal Injury Case?

    - April 29, 2015

    If you have been injured as a result of somebody else’s negligence or carelessness, you may be considering filing a personal injury lawsuit.  Personal injury is a legal term that specifically refers to injury to body, mind or emotions rather than damage to property, and these lawsuits generally seek monetary…

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  • New Haven Personal Injury Lawyer – Do You Have A Personal Injury Claim?

    - April 22, 2015

    Personal injury lawsuits are designed to help individuals who have been harmed because of another’s actions or failure to act.  They are legal cases in which a person sues an individual or entity claiming that they are legally responsible for harm that has been done to them. Examples of situations…

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  • Nursing Home Prescription Errors – Know The Signs

    - April 15, 2015

    Placing someone you care about into a nursing home is a decision that nobody takes lightly. When you sign the papers, pack up their belongings and hand them over to the staff that will be providing them care, there is an overwhelming sense of helplessness and loss of control. Though…

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  • Nursing Home Abuse: Signs To Watch Out For

    - March 26, 2015

    Making the decision to put a loved one into the care of a nursing home can be a highly emotional process, but news reports about nursing home abuse make things even more difficult.  No matter how thoroughly you research the facility that you select, there is always the nagging sensation…

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