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Advantages and Disadvantages of a Class-Action Lawsuit

Class-Action LawsuitA class-action lawsuit can have great benefits for those who aren’t even aware they have been affected by the poor intentions of a big company. However, there are also times when someone is better off opting out of a class-action lawsuit. When it comes to protecting your own rights, there are many considerations to make before signing any documents.

The Advantages

The most common advantages are related to the monetary savings and ability to have better legal counsel. Specifically, the advantages include:

  • Judicial efficiency. One judge will settle the entire case, meaning litigation will take up less of the courtroom’s time and involve fewer judges. This can make for easier and less complicated judgements.
  • Opportunity for small amounts of money. If you have only been somewhat affected, you can still be compensated when you would have otherwise let it go.
  • Lower costs. With costs divided amongst all members of the suit, less comes out of each person’s award.
  • Getting everyone on the same page and having a clear and concise defense can lead to better outcomes. This also helps legal cases by ensuring no one is left wondering how to proceed in their judgement based on someone else’s case.

The Disadvantages

With all good things comes the downside. A few of the disadvantages to joining a class-action lawsuit include:

  • Less control. These types of cases are representative in nature, meaning some of those affected most by the judgement don’t have as much of a voice. Plaintiffs may find a case will go in a direction they wouldn’t prefer.
  • Cases almost always settle for financial compensation. When a plaintiff is looking for compensation that extends beyond finances and rebates, it may not be the best choice.
  • If the case is unsuccessful, or the litigator doesn’t argue effectively on their behalf, they no longer have the right to bring an individual lawsuit later.

If you are unsure whether joining a class action case is the right choice for you, consult a Connecticut class action lawyer, today! At Jonathan Perkins Injury Lawyers, we have handled thousands of class-action suits and can clarify whether the class action suit addresses your legal needs.


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